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PT Fabric

PT-Fabric – The densest and lowest power packet transport switching system for metro P-OTS networks!

Transmode’s next generation of high density and low power Terabit Packet Transport switch enables unmatched flexibility and scalability, and is easily installed in any of the 20,000 TM-Series chassis ever shipped.

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Does one-size-fit-all exist in optical networks?

In a recent article in Fibre Systems, Transmode gives its view on the changing world of optical networks. Driven by a variety of technological, economic and performance demands, it is a highly varied space where innovation and clear metro thinking play a significant role.

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We help you get the most out of your optical network

Transmode's packet-optical networking solutions boost the capacity and flexibility of metro and metro-access networks. We provide cost optimized transport networks that meet today's and tomorrow's high capacity requirements.


Public offer

Further information regarding Infinera’s public offer to the shareholders of Transmode